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 I started at Crossfit Envy in January of 2012.  And I wasn’t just overweight.  Looking back, I had unhealthy eating habits (I will still convinced that a low-fat/high-carb diet was the best thing for my body) paid little attention to how my body felt and what it could do, and had immeasurably low-self esteem, stemmed from years of being overweight into my teens and gaining a significant amount in college.  I could barely run a mile, had never even attempted a pull-up and had very little faith in the things that I could preform athletically.  I had heard CrossFit was an intense workout and I was looking to try and get skinny (really my only goal).

From the second I walked into CFE, things started to change.  The owners Matt and Jared encouraged me to try and lift heavier weights, run just a bit farther and never EVER give up during a workout.  Their advanced knowledge of Crossfit, sports medicine, health & nutrition and motivational encouragement & goal setting put a customized focus on each individual client and their specific needs.  Have a lingering injury that you’ve had most of your life that bugs you during exercise?  Jared will scale workouts for you individually to ensure you avoid further injury and begin to heal safely.  Looking to compete in Crossfit competitions across the country and excel in the sport?  Matt will give you the tools you need to advance.  Both of these coaches are extremely knowledgable in all factors of Crossfit, and I have never had a question go unanswered with these two.  They encourage testing your limits, trying new skills that you never imagined your body could do and pushing yourself to reach your goals, all while emphasizing safety, a well-rounded routine and FUN!!!! (team workouts, dodgeball WODS, barbecues, the list goes on!)

The community they have created is one that can only be described as positive, positive, positive.  Everyone at CFE, from the 70yr old athlete doing scaled workouts to the advanced athlete registered in competitions, encourages each other every step of the way.  There is such an element of sincere passion and compassion within this box; the last finisher in the workout always has a cheering squad, and its a daily occurrence to see everyone yelling, high fiving, and offering congratulations when a new skill is learned or a difficult one is completed.  If you’re looking to come in and think that you won’t speak to anyone, do your workout and leave, you’re in for a surprise with all the friendly, passionate people at CFE.

Since being with Matt & Jared (and now Zac, Kelly and Audrey!), my perspective on fitness, physical appearance and self-esteem has changed dramatically.  I can now do most workouts as prescribed, without scaling.  I can do a pull-up (many, actually!)  I can run a few miles (still not my strongest area, but working on it!)  I can climb a rope, do a handstand, lift weights heavier than me and do many other things I could have never believed I could before Crossfit.  I am conscious about what I eat, if it is good and nutritious for my body (NOT just if I will lose weight from eating it!) and how my life choices affect my health.  I am leaner, more muscular than I have every been (but not bulky!) and am finally, after all these years of virtually no confidence, I can say that I am comfortable in my body.  I never became skinny.  Instead, I got strong, and powerful and confident, which are things I value so much more now.  I knew my entire perspective, goals, and self confidence had changed when I declared to myself that I would rather be able to lift 10lbs more on the barbell than be 10lbs lighter; for me, that is a very significant statement and one I wholly attribute to the experiences I have encountered at Crossfit Envy.

If you’re unsure of coming in to workout with us (yes, its an “us”, that you become part of the second you walk in the door) because of all the regular excuses “it’s too hard” “I don’t lift weights!” “I don’t know anyone!” or even “I’m intimidated”, please give CFE a chance.  I believe that it will change your mind and possibly like me, will change your life.

– Danielle G.


I started crossfit September 21st 2012… I look back and can’t remember ever being able to stick with a work out program like I have with crossfit. I’ve had gym memberships, I had sports in high school but I have never been in as good as shape as I am now! And what’s crazy is I still have so much more to go. I have lost a total of 80lbs, 70 of those I lost at crossfit envy. Diabetes runs in my family and when the scale tipped at 300 I knew it was time todo something about it. My sis found the crossfit groupon and bought me one. I was afraid I was not in good enough shape to even come in and work out but I learned to love the word modified. Over time I began to learn new movements an to watch my body transform. I have muscles in places I never knew existed but the most amazing thing about crossfit envy is the family atmosphere. Crossfit envy has allowed me to influence my entire family into getting in shape, I can say that as of today everyone in my family is working on developing themselves physically. A few if them do it here at the Box. I love crossfit envy and the confidence and determination it has given me to develop into a well rounded athlete. I finally got to compete in my first competition. If anyone reading this wants to train to become a better athlete, to live a healthier life, or to just maintain their current fitness, this is the place to train, even with injuries there are ways to increase mobility I see it everyday.

– Andres D.

I went to CrossFit Envy wanting to play in a high-level soccer league after being out of the game for years. Of the several trainers I’ve had in my life, Matt is the most effective and knowledgeable. In six months, Matt made it possible for me to get in the best shape of my life and make the team. He is able to focus on every individual during group sessions while challenging everyone to reach their full potential. He works well with injuries and modifications, making it possible to always push fitness forward safely. Weightlifting and CrossFit combined with Matt’s superior knowledge of technique has proved to be the best way to achieve maximum overall fitness and strength. Most importantly, his positive and welcoming attitude creates a gym environment that makes you want to be there. The hard work always seems really fun!

– Julia D.

This is place is my favorite place to be.  Seriously.  If I have time before class, I’ll sit and hang out, talk to members and coaches, get my ass handed to me during the WOD, then stay after to stretch/hang out more.

I’m a personal coach myself, and I’m still learning so much from these guys.  Sparing you the self-pitying details, Crossfit Envy helped me pull myself out of a pretty dark place, while giving my back my six-pack.  A little over a year later, I’m physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger than I’ve ever been.  Ever.  I’ve gone from barely being able to put 50lbs over my head to being able to put 150lbs up.

The members are hands down some of the most amazing and motivating people on Planet Earth.  Watching them fight to do give each workout their all, collapse in misery after, and walk out a smiling hot mess makes my day.  You don’t see people walking out of 24 Hour sweaty and wrecked but thrilled that they set a PR, or Rx-ed their first workout.

Also, the 9pm crew absolutely rocks.  We dance, we lift, we dance some more.  Even when I can make it to an earlier class, I’ll stretch and mobilize while I wait for that oh so “special” 9pm class.

If you’re looking for a Crossfit gym, Crossfit Envy is THE place. Period.

– Lauren B.

This place is fantastic. My wife had lost 40lbs and wanted to start getting fit. So, she signed up and went from being a couch potato to doing (literally handstand pushups).  I have numerous injuries and the trainers there are very informative and always have a modification to whatever exercise I’m doing.

I love the idea that it’s formed around functional exercises vs. normal gyms that have all this “conventional wisdom” thats never quite worked out for me.  usually the way it goes is 40-45 minutes of stretching and “skill”  training – then a 15-20 minute exercise. I will say this 15-20 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot but dear god….the pain.  They sell these shirts there that read “Crossfit, I hate you,  see you tomorrow” that about describes it.

The people there are great and are really encouraging, if your looking to get started doing something – give them a try, i can’t even count the amazing success stories of people i’ve known or even myself (down 4 pant sizes and 50lbs)  These cats are awesome.

– Patrick W.

This place is the best! The trainers are dedicated and the members are very supportive.  Crossfit can be intimidating, I should know first hand, but the trainers meet you, where you are at, and build you up.  Matt and Jared (trainers) are so knowledgeable, and provide you with specialized attention, to always assure that you have proper form.  I have done things, physically, that I never thought capable of.  This is a great place to support you in your physical, along with your emotional well-being.  Crossfit Envy has become like a family to me.  If you are wanting to try crossfit for the first time or want to find a great crossfit gym, this gym is the place to join!! You will never regret it!!

– Lila O.

I am 62 yrs of age.  I have been with CROSSFIT ENVY since Thanksgiving day 2012…yes, Thanksgiving morning before the big meal.  in just a few weeks my flexibility have markedly improved and my “old age pains” are diminishing.  I look forward to each session, the coaching and support is superior to any other exercise place I have seen…modified to my limitations, when needed.. And, not boring like all other exercise programs I have tried before.

– Grace W.

There is not much more that is needed to be said other than going to Crossfit Envy has Provided myself with the most challenging and fun workouts I’ve ever done.  Every day it is something different and there always so much to improve.  whether it be mobility, strength or cardio the trainers at crossfit envy are extremely personable and extremely knowledgeable to help you get the results you desire.  I was going to the normal gym five times a week for years before and just starting to plateau and get bored with my normal workouts so I decided to switch it up and try crossfit envy four months back and continue to see results every week.  Its a fun, competitive environment with guidance of a trainer.  Whether it be for rehab, strength training, or just a way to relieve some stress with some good people crossfit envy has got it all.  Frankly, I do not see myself going back to a normal gym anytime soon because you just can’t do at a normal gym what crossfit provides.  I do not make guarantees but im willing to bet if you try crossfit envy you won’t regret it and will find yourself coming back for the next excruciating workout of the day.

– Cody G.

I used to spend three hours at a fitness facility and barely feel sore the next day. Now, I spend one hour at CrossFit and I feel the results from head to toe the next morning. The trainers are very welcoming and they know what they’re doing. They’re extremely motivating when you need it and they genuinely want their clients to succeed. There’s a huge range of ages and sizes that come into this gym which makes it easier to compete with oneself and ones personal goals. The sense of teamwork within this gym is remarkable.

– Brooklyn B.