Get a massage with Stan of Dragon Therapy

Sessions can be from 30 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the amount of work needed. Stan offers a special price for CrossFit Envy members. Contact him at 916-832-7096


I was introduced to massage at a karate class. My instructors friend was a shiatsu practitioner and taught our class some techniques. Over the years I used some ofthe techniques to help people in pain such as headaches. Many people told me that I was a natural and I should take a class in massage. In the summer of 1995 I was going to De Anza College for classes for geology. I saw that they offered an intro to massage class. So I took the class and got hooked. It was harder that I thought. I had to learn anatomy using The Anatomy Coloring Book. I had two text books to read, all in six weeks! I had both a written and a practical final exam. I graduated in June, 1998. I worked part time until October 1997 then I worked for a franchise. I got experience working with many people in volume. Later I worked at a day spa and got more experience working with people mostly for relaxation. I also had clients who wanted therapeutic massage as well. My education cover Swedish, sports, and table Shiatsu. For part of my electives I got to work in the adaptive Physical Fitness class at De Anza College.  I am also Reiki Level 1 certified. I worked with a variety of conditions including post stroke patients, multiple sclerosis, post hip replacement, and a near quadraplegic.

“Before I met Stan, I had significant problems with back pain (not to mention a myriad of other orthopedic issues.) I was introduced to him by a client, and began receiving soft tissue work from him almost two years ago. I noticed an immediate difference and a dramatic reduction in pain after my first session. I used to suffer overuse injuries constantly, each that would take me out of commision and cause chronic pain for months. Since having him work on me consistently, I’ve had almost no chronic pain, and when I do sustain injuries, they only last a few days at the most. My experience is a testament to the value of soft tissue work and maintinence from Stan, a qualified and passionate practitioner who understands the needs of a functional fitness enthusiast.”

-Matthew Kahler Coach, Co-owner of CrossFit Envy