CrossFit Kit

The well equipped CrossFitter

A well stocked gym bag is essential. Be prepared for any WOD that comes your way.

The “must have’s”

Crossfit Essentials 1

The right shoes: Inov8′s and Reebok Nanos are both classic choices. You are looking for anyting with a relatively flat sole and little cushion.

First Aid: Super glue or liquid bandage and antiseptic wash. Though we have them one hand, and most gyms do, its handy to have your own stash.

Long socks and/or neoprene sleeves: These are essential for protecting your shins and skin on OLY lifts and rope climbs. And they look cool. Get both, its worth it. The neoprene sleeves dont need to be expensive, get a cheap pair. When it comes to the socks, thicker is better.

Journal or app: keep track! There are several apps available for keeping track of your WODs and lifts. You can also keep a classic paper and pen journal.

Lacrosse Ball: Get several and keep them at home, in the car, in your bag, at work. It’s a great way to work on mobility outside the gym. And they travel well.

Foam Roller: A hard foam roller at home is also a great way to keep up with mobility and recovery.

Other things to think about: hair ties, an extra pair of shorts, sports bra, socks, etc… in case you forget.

The “nice to have’s”

IMG_5359Wrist wraps: While there are wraps available at the gym to use, it is preferable to have your own pair. Putting on a cold sweaty pair of used wraps isn’t the most pleasant feeling. There are both the fabric and the heavy elastic wraps. They are both good for different purposes. Start with the fabric wraps if you have to choose.

Jump rope: Our favorite are the Rogue ropes. Having your own jump rope means always having one exactly the right length for your WOD.

RokTape: This is a nice thing to have around when you need it. have one roll on hand.

Tights: keep a pair of tights in your bag, especially for rope climb days.

Headband: A non-slip headband can really come in handy.

Extras: ’cause you’re a baller beast

IMG_5363Olympic Lifting Shoes: These really should go in the essentials section if you love lifting. Reebok offers a CrossFit designed OLY shoe that many of us have and love. You can also get OLY only shoes. OLY shoes are wonderful for your lifts and they really do make a difference.

Forearm sleeves/sweatbands: These are handy when working with Atlas stones. Lets face it, you dont want to scrape up your arms, but sometimes it’s too hot for long sleeves.

Neoprene knee supports: When the weights get heavy, its nice to have them around. These are also handy when climbing ropes in addition to the calf sleeve.

Weight belt: This is useful when the weights get REALLY heavy. This is not a replacement for core/midline stability and should not be depended on.