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Jordan Eldridge

I have never been more physically fit, physiologically healthy, and mentally strong as I am now with CrossFit.

I am ACSM certified for Personal Training, competed and placed 17th in the 2016 Crossfit California Super Regional, and am graduating next year with a B.S. in Kinesiology, Exercise Science with emphasis on therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation as well as a minor in Biology from Sacramento State.

Much of my childhood was spent playing outside and participating in sports. No matter how much I begged, I never got video games and we never had cable television in my household. I did not like it at the time, but now I am forever grateful for my time spent physically active. I eventually centered my focus on soccer, basketball, and swimming during high school, playing varsity for each and teaching/coaching both beginning and advanced swim lessons.

I traveled away for my first year of college to UC Berkeley for Mechanical Engineering. There I continued to swim for a club and started basic bodybuilding and powerlifting workouts. I loved my time there but realized engineering, or at least the aspect of an eight-hour day in front of a computer, was not my life goal. I returned to Sacramento to pursue firefighting. I became a certified EMT, and in the process, needed somewhere to workout. I was tired of the typical 24-hour globo gym and there was no swim league nearby, so I tried Crossfit Envy.

It was one of the best decisions of my life.

Crossfit Envy gives amazing structure, progression, coaching, community, and competition to those who desire it. Arriving with a background of cardio, I was pretty weak, but I could run fast and keep up with some of the more experienced Crossfitters. Thriving on competition, it was exactly what I needed. I dove headfirst into learning correct and safe movement patterns. I kept coming back not only because of the great coaching and to improve, but because of the many friends I had already made and the great people that make up Crossfit Envy. A couple years later, I started helping instruct with a few classes. With great feedback, I began coaching. Another year later and I qualified for the California Super Regional, which is like Crossfit playoffs. Now I am ACSM certified and train/coach at Crossfit Envy while attending Sacramento State for Kinesiology. My experience with Crossfit was a major factor in my return to schooling to pursue physical therapy.

Some say Crossfit is like a cult. I say it is an amazingly sincere, genuine, and positive community that looks to stay healthy for their family and for themselves. Though anyone is warmly welcomed, in truth, it is probably not for everyone. But I really hope it is for you.