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Featured Athlete: Christina Parker

By Audrey W. | In Featured Athlete | on March 14, 2014

Name: Christina, but everyone calls me Chris

Member since: August 6, 2012

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I’m originally from Washington with roots in Alaska.  I grew up spending time hiking, camping and playing in the outdoors.  I always want to maintain my adventurous spirit that I grew up with.  I enjoy trying new things and always want to feel like I can say yes to new activities!  It was that philosophy that led me to pick up ballroom dancing on a whim in college.  When I moved to Sacramento, knowing no-one here, I picked up West Coast Swing Dancing and have now been dancing about 12 years.  Friends and teachers encouraged me to DJ and then teach and I’ve loved the challenges that presents.  I think it’s one of my longest running adventures so far.

How did you get started? And when?

I had heard of Crossfit through Audrey and wanted to find an exercise plan that could restore confidence after an ACL reconstruction.  I picked up a Groupon and joined the first week.

What keeps you coming back?

I love the way I feel when I finish a WOD.  I love the sense of accomplishment looking at all the WODs I’ve completed over the time I’ve been at Envy, and I love starting my day that way.

Favorite WOD/lift/movement? Least favorite?

My favorite movements are power cleans, and probably the more unusual things like sledge hammer strikes, tire flipping and rope climbs, but I also love racing myself on the rower.

Is there anything you have accomplished that you didn’t think you could do? 

I’ve always loved heights and as a kid could never climb the ropes in gym class, so when I walked in and saw the ropes, I knew I wanted to be able to climb them.  I think I even surprised myself when I hit the knot at the top.  I also never thought I’d lift heavy weights again after tearing my ACL and my MCL and have been so excited to be able to do all that I have.

What has been your greatest challenge?

For the time being, work requires me to travel out of town frequently and not being able to go to Envy consistently has been the biggest challenge with making progress.  But when I can be there consistently, my biggest challenge is probably staying ahead of sore muscles.

How has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym?

There have been so many great benefits from joining Envy.  I’ve regained my confidence saying yes to new activities.  My increased strength and flexibility has been a huge benefit in my dancing.  I also love the community.  I’m happier when I’m working out consistently.  The nutritional and the mobility information has been invaluable and the new people I’ve met have been an unexpected bonus!

What’s your next goal/s?

I want to work on handstands and walking handstands.  I think that’d be a fun thing to add to my list of accomplishments.

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