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Athlete Levels

By Audrey W. | In News | on September 10, 2013

We are introducing a system composed of 3 different “levels”

Each of these levels will have newly scaled WODS and strength training instructions. hopefully this will streamline the process of teaching the olympic lifts. This system will be implemented to make sure the basics are practiced and solidified before moving onto the later progressions.

Level 1

The basic barbell lifts will be practiced. The deadlift, squat, and press progressions (excluding the jerk variations) will be done. Once the person has demonstrated sufficient capacity in these lifts related to strength, positioning, and proper execution, the athlete will then be at level 2.

Level 2

The Olympic lifts (The Snatch and Clean) will be introduced from the hang position (first as the muscle variations of the lifts, and if necessary, the pulls, then the Power and Squat variations). These will be done first from the power position, and then subsequently from the mid and low hang. The athlete will move onto the next level only after the they have demonstrated proficiency with the 2nd pull (bar remains close, no early arm pull, weight in the heels, and proper timing of the extension.) and 3rd pull (receiving the bar with a proper head and shoulder position, with elbows locked, and in a full squat or proper quarter squat if there are significant flexibility limitations). This must be able to be achieved with at least 35 (snatch)-55(clean) pounds for females, and 45(snatch)-75(clean) pounds for males. The athletes must also show basic proficiency in the push or power jerk in this level as well. Some athletes may spend up to a few months in this level before moving to level 3. This is fine… we all learn at a different pace.

Level 3

The full olympic lifts will be practiced, from the floor. The goal in this level will be to ensure proper timing between the first and second pull. Pulls will begin 1. slow from the floor up to the power position, then 2. slow up to the hang, then 3. at normal speed. Once the athlete can demonstrate proper form in 1, they can move onto 2. and 3.

ALL new athletes will begin at level 1, but will have the opportunity to test out of these levels with a trainer. It is up to the trainers discretion whether or not the athlete, new or not, is ready to move on. We are NOT looking for perfection, just basic proficiency. WODS will also be scaled so Level 1′ers are not going to be required to perform the O-lifts in workouts, but rather a similar workout composed of the basic barbell lifts.

So to sum up…

LEVEL 1 – Deadlifts, Squats (Front, Back, and Overhead), Presses (Bench, Strict and Push-press) and any miscellaneous lifts (I.e. Pendlay Row, etc.)

LEVEL 2 – Hang Snatches and Cleans (pulls, muscle, power and squat variations), Push / Power Jerks

LEVEL 3 – Full Snatches and Cleans, and Split Jerks

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